We offer an extensive selection of microbiological and mycological tests, training and auditing programs.

BCN Labs is Internationally recognized as one of the leading food and beverage mycology (yeast and mold spoilage) laboratories in the U.S. Our staff is proficient in bacteria, yeast and mold identifications using molecular (PCR and DNA sequencing) and traditional identification techniques.


We specialize in food and beverage spoilage with a strong background in heat-resistant molds (HRM), Alicyclobacillus (ACB), preservative resistant and xerophilic yeast and molds as well as in pathogen contamination assessment, prevention and elimination. BCN Labs can perform shelf life and challenge studies and other customized research projects. BCN Labs is certified by the USEPA for microbiological testing of drinking water, ISO 17025 accredited and is a WBENC certified women-owned company.


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BCN Labs is a complete microbiological testing laboratory. We offer quality control and pathogen testing, spoilage organism testing and monitoring.


BCN Labs is one of the leading food and beverage mycology laboratories in the U.S. We specialize in all the different groups of fungi (yeast and molds).

state of the art molecular identification

Our staff is proficient in molecular techniques (PCR/DNA sequencing) for the identification of bacteria, yeasts and molds. All the identifications are confirmed using traditional methods.

On-Site Spoilage Investigation Audit

We are well known for our on-site spoilage and pathogen contamination investigations and prevention assessments. Our specialty is yeast and mold spoilage of foods and beverages.

customized research projects

We offer customized research projects. These projects can be challenge and shelf-life studies as well as preservative and sanitizer studies.

Customized training courses

BCN Labs offer customized training courses in microbiology and mycology. The courses are offered in our state of the art training facilities or on-site.


We are now offering monthly flat rate testing services.  


Dr. Margarita Gomez | Director of Quality at Ocean Spray Cranberries

Emilia is a world renown expert in Food Mycology and this expertise is evident in the services provided by BCN labs. From BCN you not only get results but interpretation and discussion of the results as Emilia is very open to share her knowledge and expertise.


Lucy gonzalez | Vice president of quality at mission foods

Emilia and BCN Labs have been instrumental for the development of our Environmental and Microbiological Programs. Her guidance to perform killing step validations, environmental audits and Food Mycology training has been invaluable for us.


Dr. Rachel Chow | Technical Quality Manager, Unilever

We have an established relationship with the BCN group. The team has an outstanding service, auditing capability and root cause analysis and a particularly unique HRM expertise.  No matter what we find, it is always a pleasure working together.  



Years in business

BCN Labs has been 30+ years in business. It has offered an unparalleled service to the food and beverage industry.



world class scientists

BCN Labs staffs dedicated scientists as well as world class consultants. We are experts in what we do.




Our staff has 100+ years of accumulated experience working in the area of food and beverage manufacturing.


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