About Us

BCN Research Laboratories, Inc. is a food, beverage and water testing laboratory located in Rockford, TN that has been providing unparalleled service to the food and beverage processing  industry since 1988.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality laboratory testing and an unparalelled customer service while providing the most competitive prices.

“When I founded BCN Labs, I knew I wanted to work in food mycology. My first logo was an apple since I remembered moldy apples from my childhood (long story). My main mission was to help companies prevent food spoilage. After 30 years, we still have the same mission.” Emilia Rico, Ph.D.

Our Services

BCN Labs specializes in food and beverage microbiology including pathogen testing and mycology (yeast and mold spoilage). Our strong background in beverage and other acid food spoilage makes us indispensable for these sectors of the processing industry. We also specialize in intermediate and low-water activity food spoilage as well as preserved food and beverage spoilage. We are one of the leaders in the U.S. in food mycology and experts in spoilage of foods and beverages by molds such as heat-resistant, preservative-resistant and xerophilic molds. We are also one of the leaders in mold identification since we are one of the few labs that confirm the DNA sequencing results using traditional techniques. 


Our Founder

The founder of BCN Labs, Dr. Emilia Rico, has done extensive work in the area of food microbiology and mycology. She is well known for her expertise in the area of spoilage and pathogen contamination investigation and prevention. She has trained numerous food and beverage company personnel in food and beverage microbiology and mycology from the U.S. as well as Latin America and Europe. She is frequently invited as a speaker in the areas of food and beverage spoilage, food safety and sanitation. Since 2003, Dr. Emilia Rico has been an active member of the prestigious International Commission on Food Mycology (ICFM). As a member of the ICFM, she participates in IUMS-ICFM symposia, workshops and outreach programs in developing countries such as Indonesia.

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Our Staff

BCN Labs staffs expert sanitarians and consultants that are familiar with food processing, HACCP, GMP, food spoilage, food safety and sanitation programs. They not only solve problems related to food and beverage processing but also design the right sanitation program to avoid future spoilage or pathogen contamination.


Our Consultants

Dr. Rob Samson is the world leading food mycologist and taxonomist. He has been the Secretary General of the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS) since 2005. He is the Vice Chairman of the IUMS International Commission on Food Mycology (ICFM), the Chairman of the IUMS International Commission on Penicillium and Aspergillus and the Chairman of the IUMS International Commission on Indoor Fungi.


Our Partners

BCN Labs is the sister company of Universal Sanitizers and Supplies, Inc. (USS) a sanitation company specialized in spoilage remediation/elimination.

We are the only independent testing laboratory in the U.S. that can offer these services. We can offer both spoilage investigation and remediation.



BCN Labs is a certified women-owned business (WBE) by the Women Business Enterprises National Council (WBENC).

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