Spoilage Investigation & Prevention Audits


We are well known for our yeast and mold spoilage investigation assessments. Spoilage can be due to ingredients, packaging supplies, and the processing environment (air and equipment). Due to our strong background in sanitation, we can recommend the right sanitation procedures and sanitizers to effectively eliminate the cause of your spoilage.



The purpose of the on-site spoilage investigation audits is to investigate the source(s) of spoilage microorganisms at the processing facility as well as to review all sanitation procedures to determine if they are adequate to eliminate these sources of contamination. This audit is designed to help the plant in preventing or reducing future product spoilage.


Services Provided During Audit

The following services will be provided during the plant visit:

  • Audit of the processing line(s) and other areas that could harbor bacteria (including pathogens), yeast and molds that could spoil the product: equipment,  environment, packaging, ingredient storage, batching room, filler room,  bottle rinser/sterilizer, depalletizer, cooling rooms, packaging rooms, etc.

  • Audit can be customized for target organisms such as pathogens, acetic acid bacteria, yeast, heat-resistant molds (HRM), preservative-resistant fungi or xerophilic fungi

  • Review of sanitation SOPs, cleaners and sanitizers used and concentrations, cleaning equipment,  GSPs, chemical storage, etc .

  • Environmental sampling that will include swabs, sponges, air plates and water samples.

  • Recommendations and improvements that could prevent or reduce future spoilage issues.

Time Required

  • 1 to 5 days of in-plant inspection and document review

  • 5 to 10 days for lab testing, identification and review

  • up to 14 days for final report

Other audits

  • Mock AIB audits - audits performed using AIB standards.

  • Sanitation audits – audits designed to identify sanitation deficiencies.

  • GMP audits – employee specific audits to help employee and employer identify gaps in training.

  • Food safety audits

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Spoilage of Beverages and Juices


Spoilage of Tortillas and Baked Goods


spoilage of cheese and dairy products


Pathogen Contamination Investigation/ Prevention Assessments

BCN Labs is well know for its pathogen contamination investigations and prevention audits. It is essential that the pathogen growth niches are found and eliminated. Many people only focus on pathogen transfer points that do not give any information as to where the contamination is coming from.