Sample Submission


Please, follow the instructions below to submit samples and assure their integrity.


Request for Analysis Form

Please, fill out the RFA below and submit with your samples as well as email it to us. Consult with the lab ( for instructions.

BCN Labs is an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Laboratory under A2LA (American Association for Laboratory Accreditation).

View BCN Labs current ISO 17025 scope of accreditation (Certificate Number: 3813.01)




  • Aseptically collect a representative sample of at least 4-8 oz. of product depending on the test(s) required. Consult with the lab ( for instructions on the amount of sample needed for your test requirements.

  • Include specific blanding, grinding, mixing and compositing instructions in the RFA.

  • Label samples using a permanent marker with a Customer Sample Code.

  • Store samples in their usual storage conditions until shipping (refrigerated, frozen or at room temperature).

  • Include a completed Request for Analysis (RFA) Form with the sample codes and descriptions. Verify that the information on the RFA is correct.

  • Write on the RFA the conditions of the samples upon shipping.

  • Email the RFA on the day of shipping of the samples to

  • Samples must have primary and secondary containment with absorbent material if liquid.

  • Samples should be protected from breakage by using enough bubble wrap and packaging materials.

  • Samples should be sealed properly to avoid leaking and contamination of the sample.

  • For refrigerated samples, include enough ice packs to maintain the temperature during shipping of 0-4°C.

  • For frozen samples, include enough dry ice to keep the samples frozen during shipping. Label the container appropriately and with the requirements for dry ice shipping.

  • To receive cultures:  Isolates must be in a securely closed, watertight primary container (e.g. test tube or parafilmed petri dish).  A secondary, durable, watertight container must be used (e.g. Ziploc bag).  Multiple primary containers may be placed into a single secondary container.  If liquids are being sent then the space between the primary and secondary containers must have sufficient absorbent material (e.g. paper towels) to absorb the entire contents of the primary container(s).  Samples must then be enclosed in an outer shipping container of corrugated fiberboard, corrugated cardboard or other sturdy container of equivalent strength. 

  • Send samples via Priority Overnight (to arrive by noon or earlier). Customers must specify FedEx Priority Overnight or UPS Early AM. 

Send packages to:

BCN Research Laboratories, Inc.
2491 Stock Creek Blvd.
Rockford, TN 37853
(800)236-0505/(865) 573-7511


Coolers will be returned at the customer’s cost if return is selected on the RFA.


BCN Labs accepts sample deliveries for processing on Saturdays in an effort to provide faster turnaround time for critical samples.  Please, request Saturday Delivery when shipping the samples.  A 25% additional fee per test will apply for weekend priority turnaround subject to change without notice; call 800-236-0505/865-573-7511 for details.


Unless other sample retention times are requested by the customer in writing, samples will be retained for: 

  • Environmental samples (swabs and sponges) – discarded after testing.

  • Water samples – discarded after testing.

  • Refrigerated samples --- three weeks after the test has been completed

  • Shelf-life stable sample -- three weeks after the test has been completed

  • Frozen samples – three weeks after the test has been completed

  • Empty containers and caps – discarded after testing.

  • Litigation samples – retained until customer requests their disposal