ICFM 2016 Workshop


The ICFM workshop was held for the third time in Freising, which is well known for its rich ecclesiastic history and for its importance as a centre of food science and technology as well as beer brewing. The Freising Cathedral (built 1205) is one of the two home churches to the archbishop of Munich and Freising, one of which was Cardinal Josef Ratzinger, who was elected pope Benedikt XVI in 2005. The workshop took place at “Kardinal Döpfner Haus”, a venue within the premises of the cathedral with lecture rooms and accommodation for participants. The meeting was open to participants from academia and industries. Current research will be presented as oral or poster presentation. For more information go to https://www.foodmycology.org/meetings

“This is the only meeting in food mycology of its kind in the world. I recommend this meeting for people that work in the area of food and beverage mycology. The ICFM only holds this meeting every three years.” Emilia Rico, Ph.D.

Ben Maxey